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Are you new to RüT? I want to invite you (and your friends) to RüT!

If you are first-time HopeSeattleYM student (or parent), RüT is what we call our our middle school youth group. 
RüT, pronounced “root” is a place we want our middle schoolers to be rooted in Jesus, but sometimes our youth can be in a “rut” and when HopeSeattleYM partners with parents along with the help of the Holy Spirit our students (you) learn to be rooted in Jesus. 
We meet every Wednesday Night at 7-8:30PM, where we start with a hangout time, then worship in the Sanctuary, small groups, then we end with a large group game. 
Other Youth Ministry things:  
Parent Meetings
This is a Zoom meeting (or in-person meeting)  for me to get to know you as parents. Whether you are a new incoming parent or you are a seasoned HopeSeattleYM parent, these meetings are designed for me to learn how I can partner with you to help your student grow closer to Jesus, gain insights from you and work towards creating a welcoming environment so that I can influenced your student on Jesus’ behalf. I look forward to connecting!
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