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Hope North

Hope North is a three-year campaign to further the mission of Hope Lutheran Church. Just as those who came before us had a vision and made sacrifices to build and expand our ministries, so we now have the opportunity to do the same. Check out the campaign Vision Video below:

Through God’s gracious provision we were provided the opportunity to purchase the Seattle Lutheran High School campus at a price far below market rate. This incredible acquisition effectively doubles our square footage and will expand our ability to serve both current and future congregants and school families. 

We have always viewed the school as one of our primary ministries, and that has never been more true than it is today. We want to invest in the next generation by ensuring that our children and youth ministry programs at Hope Church and our educational programs at Hope School will continue to grow in size and impact in the years ahead.

This campaign allows Hope Lutheran Church to:

EXPAND our Footprint

We are gaining additional square feet including: 

  • Gymnasium: athletic ministries, events (church gatherings/memorial services/receptions), resource for community (gym rental), youth group activities
  • Parking: additional parking spaces to ensure visitors and congregants can easily attend worship services
  • Classrooms: expanded spaces for human care ministries and children’s programs
  • Reverted space: some areas currently being used by the school will be converted back into spaces to be used by the Church

EXPAND our Impact

  • Broader visibility in our community with new signage, easy parking, invitational spaces for unchurched neighbors
  • Dedicated space for middle and high school ministry to allow for better programming and more students
  • Space to partner with other churches (“Merge” youth group events) and community gatherings

Together we can ensure the future flourishing of Hope Lutheran Church and School. Won’t you join us and consider what it might look like to step out in faith for the next three years, committing to give significantly more? What might it look like for the next generation if we are willing to give?