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The Vision Frame is a framework for missional vision. The Vision Frame contains five components that define Hope's DNA and set the direction for everything we are and do.  Just like a beautiful picture is surrounded by a picture frame, so our vision of where God is taking us is shaped by our "Vision Frame". Each side of the Vision Frame answers a foundational question and is illustrated by a corresponding icon: 

MISSION answers the question "WHAT are we doing?"  The COMPASS describes  Hope's overall direction.
VALUES answers the question "WHY are we doing it?"  The FLAME represents the things that motivate us.
STRATEGY answers the question "HOW are we doing it?" The FLASHLIGHT shows us next steps on the path towards accomplishing the mission.
LIFE MARKS answers the question "WHEN are we successful?" The TARGET shows us what characteristics we pray God will produce in people's lives.
VISION answers the question "Where is God taking us?" The PICTURE in the frame represents our vision for where God is calling us in the next year as well as in the long term.

The Vision Frame is a concept of Auxano which is articulated in the book Church Unique by Will Mancini.