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Hope is governed through a policy based governance structure summarized in this way:

Jesus Christ owns, creates and sustains Hope through His Spirit - everything Hope believes, is and does is accountable to Him.

The members of Hope congregation hold authority of the congregation but delegate the administration of that authority to an elected Board of Directors comprised of congregational members in all areas but a few, such as calling or removing the Sr. Pastor, taking on debt, buying or selling real estate and other very significant areas.

The Board of Directors is charged with governing the mission of the church through policies addressing the following: Hope Desired Outcomes, Executive Limitations, Board-Senior Pastor Relationship, and Governance Process.  These policies are contained in the Board of Directors Policy Manual and are updated regularly.  The most recent version of the BOD Policy Manual can be viewed in the Hope office.

Having set strategic direction for Hope, the Board of Directors delegates operational leadership to the Senior Pastor within the boundaries of the Constitution and By-laws and BOD Policy Manual. 

Under the leadership of the Senior Pastor, the staff serve and equip the congregation and community at large to accomplish Hope's mission and vision.

The elected Board of Elders is comprised of men within the congregation who assist the pastor in leading worship, providing spiritual care, and watching over the congregation's theological life and expression.

The members and attenders of Hope are called to participate in the work of the Hope mission: "engaging the disinterested to walk in the Hope of Jesus."

For more information, please see the following relevant documents:

Hope Constitution and By-laws - Approved June 2013

Hope Board of Directors Policy Manual - Approved October 2013 - available in the Hope Office

Hope Vision Frame (Strategic Plan) - Approved February 2015