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Let’s be honest: life can be difficult on a good day and brutal at the worst. One of the results of this reality is that our faith and hope can end up dampened, diminished and almost destroyed. That’s where renewHOPE events come in - these are transformational experiences that have proven over time to renew great hope in people’s hearts. Some of these take place in an intensive format of a half day, whole day, or weekend, while others take place weekly for a series of sessions. These events are so powerful that we consider them “core” experiences - they are so important that everyone is encouraged to participate in each one at least once in their life (although repeat attendees are welcome!). If you’re longing for a renewed sense of hope for your heart, mind, and soul, these events are for you! 

Men's Fall Retreat - September 23-25th, 2022

Guys - It's been a tough two years. I encourage you to make time for our first full Men's Retreat since before the pandemic this Fall from September 23-25th.

Get away from it all for a weekend at the edge of the Glacier Peak Wilderness Area at Tall Timber Ranch with a bunch of other guys!  Experience times of adventure, worship, teaching, rest, personal reflection, and laughter around the campfire with other guys.  Our retreat will be centered around the message of the book Fathered by God by John Eldredge. 

Here is a summary of the book: “There is a path leading to authentic manhood, cut by men who have gone before us, sons following in the footsteps of their fathers, generation after generation. There are perils along the trail, even disasters -- all the more reason to rely on the guidance of a Father who has gone before.

But in an age when true fathers are in short supply, how do you find the path to manhood? How do you steer clear of the dangers?

John Eldredge calls men back to a simple and reassuring truth: God is our Father. In life's trials and triumphs, God is initiating boys and men through the stages of manhood from Beloved Son to Cowboy to Warrior to Lover to King to Sage.

Fathered by God maps out the path of manhood -- not more rules, not another list of principles, not formulas, but a sure path men have followed for centuries before us.

Find that path and become the man God sees in you. 

This event takes place at Tall Timber Ranch by Lake Wenatchee (about 2.5 hours from West Seattle). CLICK HERE TO REGISTER online. Contact if you have questions or need more information.  See you in the mountains!




Women's Retreat - Saturday, October 8th

Join us on Saturday, October 8, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm for a one day retreat at Camp Long where we meditate on the words of Psalm 46:10.

"Be still and know that I am God."

We will share in worship and Bible study with dear sisters in Christ. We will also participate in chair yoga, make amazing crafts, and go on walks in the beautiful forest at Camp Long.

Box lunches will be provided by Husky Deli (gluten-free options available). Lunch and all of the activities of the day will take place in the large meeting room at Camp Long lodge.

Cost covers: box lunch, crafts, prepackaged snacks, and much more!
$50 (before September 1) Early Bird Special or $60 (after September 1).
Plan ahead and get the Early Bird Special! Register HERE today!