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Weekly Devotion - Hope

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Rediscovering the Four Areas at Hope!

Several years ago, when the strategic planning team created our mission statement, they also created four areas that describe our ministries. Below are the four areas and with their descriptions. These four areas each have specific pages on our website as well.

You are invited to regularly participate in each of these four areas. As you do, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover how the Holy Spirit prepares you to engage the disinterested to walk in the hope of Jesus in a very natural way.

We GATHER together to WORSHIP God, hear His Word, be reminded of His call on our lives and His love for each of us.

We LINK together in SMALL GROUPS of other Christians for study, friendship, and encouragement in words and prayers.

We RENEW hope in our lives by diving into extended and highly focused EXPERIENCES that often provide transformational life impact in a short time through retreats, conferences, seminars, and other special events.

We SHARE hope with others within the Hope ministry, in our local Seattle community, and around the world through by meeting the spiritual and physical needs of others through SERVICE.