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HOPE 365 Toolbox - Weekly Devotion - Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Weekly Devotion - Tidings of Comfort and Joy

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Advent JOY - Traditions!

Tidings of Comfort and Joy!

By Patra Mueller, Family Life Minister

What a delight it is this time of year to walk into a store or turn on the radio to hear the words of our favorite Christmas carols.  Our whole culture is longing for tidings of comfort and joy. 

As Christians we know that the true source of comfort and joy is found in our long awaited Savior, Jesus.

Growing up, we had a few Advent traditions that I remember. One was singing a special song each Sunday morning in our worship services as the Advent candles on the wreath were lit. The words of the chorus are still fresh in my mind:

“Christ is in our family, Alleluia sing.  Aren’t you glad, He came to be our brother and our King.” 

Another more common Advent tradition we experienced was sitting around our Advent wreath at home lighting one candle each week and reading family devotions together. 

But, the tradition that meant the most to me was baking Jesus Birthday cakes each year. My mom and I would spend a day or two baking, frosting and decorating little cakes to share with our friends. We would usually bake 50 cakes and each cake was frosted and topped with sprinkles and a candle, then, my dad and I would deliver the cakes a few days before Christmas. After I moved away and got married and had children, we started the tradition again. It continues to bring joy to our lives and others as we remember in a very simple way the true reason for the season.

How about you? What traditions do you have? Why are they meaningful to you? Have you passed them on to your children and grandchildren?

As we wait again this Advent to celebrate the birth of our Messiah, Jesus, I encourage you to intentionally take part in an old Advent tradition or begin a new Advent tradition that draws you to the foot of the manger with peace-filled anticipation.