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Prayers for Hope North

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Hope North Prayers

As the Prayer Lead for the Capital Campaign, to purchase and upgrade the Seattle Lutheran High School Building and Parking Lot, we ask the Hope Prayer Team and Congregation to weekly give thanks, pray for, and turn this opportunity over to the LORD. Each week for the remaining year we hope to post a new weekly prayer request.

Also, if you have an opportunity, please stop by the Brick by Brick Prayer Table in the Commons and write a prayer on a brick. One section of Prayer Brick has already been posted. There is still a lot of room for more prayers. Hopefully this will be a reminder for people coming and leaving church to continually pray for this Project. 


Prayer Request 1
Give thanks to GOD that the Lutheran High School Association of Washington decided to sell the Building and properties to Hope Church and that Hope congregation was lead by GOD to purchase it. 
Prayer Request 2
Give thanks to GOD for the legacy of Christian Education that started with Seattle Lutheran High School and will now continue at Hope North. LORD give the teachers and staff at Hope School your SPIRIT that they may share the Love and Joy of JESUS with each student each day. Give the teachers and staff the strength to finish this year strong knowing the sovereign LORD is their strength. Habakkuk 3:19

Prayer Request 3
Oh Give Thanks to the LORD for HE is good, and for allowing the Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) to approve Hope Church's request for a loan to purchase the Seattle Lutheran High School building including the Gym and 50 space parking lot (now known as Hope North) in the amount of $1.65 million dollars plus an additional $750 thousand dollars, as required, to renovate and make improvements to the property. Pray that the loan would be finalized in early June so that improvements can get underway as soon as possible. 
To build a new building today the cost would be over $31 million dollars plus another $1 million dollars for the parking lot. This is truly a gift from GOD that we need to thank HIM for. For over 60 years the people of Hope Church have been praying for a GYM at Hope School. Thank you LORD for answering those prayers.
Prayer Request 4
Thank God for the men and women who have volunteered to work on identifying the scope of essential building renovations at Hope North (the Seattle Lutheran High School building.) Ask God to grant them wisdom and provide the best contractors at a fair price, and for favor with the City of Seattle regarding any required permits. Also pray that volunteers will come forward to help work on some of the smaller renovation tasks. 
Prayer Request 5
We thank God that last night Hope Congregation approved next year's budget which included funding for the Church, the School, and the new Hope North campus. Pray that God would clearly guide and lead the Vision Team as they work to clarify, focus and articulate a vision for the Spiritual, Academic, and Extra-Curricular Programs for Hope Middle School.
Prayer Request 6
Pray for the hearts, minds and souls of children and their parents in the greater West Seattle neighborhood. Pray that God would help them discern between good and evil. Please pray that GOD might guide them to consider enrolling their children in Christian education at Hope School pre-school through 8th grade. Ask God to fill to overflowing Hope's pre-school enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year.
Prayer Request 7
Ask the LORD to bless the work of the Capital Campaign Team this summer and the upcoming fall campaign to raise the required funds for Hope North: Building for the Next Generation. Thank GOD for all those who have already committed to give during this three year campaign and thank HIM for this opportunity to increase Hope's ministry and outreach in West Seattle.
Prayer Request 8
Thank the LORD for blessing Hope Church with the Hope North Facility and all the opportunities that it offers Hope Church and the West Seattle community. Pray that we would not waste or misuse those opportunities due to a lack of effort or funds. Ask the LORD to guide and grant wisdom to the people who are working on the building upgrades. Lord, give them Your vision for the facility. Open their eyes to all the possibilities You have for it's use in West Seattle. Ask the LORD to bring additional skilled people forward who are willing to donate their talents and time to transform this facility into a place where children and families want to come. A place so desirable that all West Seattle would recognize it as a safe place a place where all are loved and welcomed. 
Prayer Request 9
Oh give thanks unto the Lord that this past week all the loan papers have been signed with the Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) and the deed to Hope North has been transferred to Hope Lutheran Church. Pray that, as God's steward of this new facility, Hope Church would manage and use it to bring glory and honor to his son Jesus Christ.
Hallelujah, make a joyful noise unto the Lord all ye lands. Serve the Lord with gladness: come before his presence with singing. Psalm 100:1-2
Prayer Request 10
Heavenly Father, creator of all things including me. For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. (Psalm 139:13) Thank you for making me special, one-of-a-kind, with talents, gifts, and abilities to help others know You and Your son Jesus Christ. Lord, show me how You want me to use the time You have give me, the talents You have given me, and the finances You have given me to make Hope North a place where the children of West Seattle want to come to know Your wonderful gift of Your son Jesus Christ.
And all God's people said Amen!
Prayer Request 11
Heavenly Father, all things belong to you! We thank You for allowing Hope Church to be Your steward of Hope North. As stewards, we ask You for your wisdom and guidance on how to correct the poor drainage off the flat clay tile patio roof areas of Hope North. You know the drainage off these patio roofs have been a problem ever since the building was constructed in 1965. Please provide the Hope team and the contractors who are looking into possible alternatives, a clear understanding of the best solution. We also ask You to provide sufficient funding so that the best solution would be feasible. We thank you for helping Your stewards in this time of need.
Prayer Request 12
Heavenly Father, we acknowledge that You are all powerful, creator of the vast heavens and the earth.  Nothing is to difficult for You! Forgive me (us) for doubting that You can do all things. Forgive me (us) for wondering how Hope Church is going to raise the required funds to purchase and remodel Hope North. The task seems overwhelming at times. We give Hope North and all aspects of the building, fund raising, student recruitment, teachers, and scheduling to you Lord. Help us to leave Hope North in Your hands and concentrate on what You desire each of us to accomplish with the gifts you have given us. We make our request and give thanks in Jesus name.  Amen.
Prayer Request 13
Lord, help us keep our eyes on Jesus so we can persevere, not grow weary and lose heart (Hebrews 12:3). We pray this for Pastor Peter, and the staff and teachers at Hope Church and School. As we focus on Jesus, reveal to us what You are accomplishing in West Seattle and the City of Seattle. Lord, You know the great needs of the children and families in Seattle. We ask for Your protecting hand to be on the children as they prepare for a new school year. May Your Holy Spirit touch the hearts and minds of the children. 

Lord, be with Bill Clifton and the volunteers who will begin painting the interior of the Hope North building next week. We ask for an abundance of helpers, knowing that many hands make for a lighter load. May the volunteers find fellowship and joy in their work. Grant us Your peace during this coming school year as we keep our eyes on Jesus. We make our request know to You in Jesus name.  Amen

Prayer Request 14
Heavenly Father, we thank you for Bil Hood's message this past Sunday (Matthew 5:13-18) which reminded us that we are the Lord's salt and light to His world. As we work to expand the Lord's mission in West Seattle with the purchase or Hope North, we ask that we might be the salt that brings out the best flavor in those who we have contact with and may our light so shine that we bring out the vibrant colors and details of Your marvelous world.

Lord, may your Holy Spirit fall afresh on Hope Church and may our smoldering wick burst forth into flame with the JOY of knowing we have the greatest news to share with West Seattle through the gift of your son Jesus Christ and the gift of salvation and everlasting life through His death and resurrection.
"May the Sovereign LORD be our strength" (Habakkuk 3:19)

We ask in Jesus Name, Amen. 


Our God is all powerful so we can bring everything to him in prayer.