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National Youth Gathering 2019


I have something exciting I’d like to share with you. On July 11-15, 2019 in Minneapolis, MN there will be a National Youth Gathering, which has been held every three years since 1980. The gathering provides thousands of adults and tens of thousands of youth from all over the United States the opportunity to come together as a community of God’s people to learn more about Jesus, to understand their faith better, and to see and worship with thousands of other youth who are just like them, in the same place they are, dealing with the same issues and struggles. To my knowledge, Hope has never been part of this incredible experience. I tried to encourage a group to attend in 2017, but I couldn’t draw enough support and desire from the youth. This summer I’d like to change that. I’m asking you to consider praying for your youth to experience this once-every-three year event that has the potential to have a major life impact.

I became a Christian later in high school and didn’t have the opportunity to attend as a youth; however, the first time I went as a Youth Leader, I was blown away by the magnitude of God’s Spirit running through the hearts of the youth. The speakers at the main gatherings and break-out sessions are inspirational and relevant to the youth. At the main stadium events, worship is powerful and includes an engaging band, songs, skits, speakers, and an opportunity to take communion together. The night life events include everything from concerts and comedians to dances, open mics, and other fun attractions. They’re hilarious, fun and entertaining and everyone has an incredible time! In recent years they’ve added servant events to the mix to give groups an opportunity to shine the light of Christ in the host city. 

As you can tell, I really want the youth of Hope to experience this! 

This event is open to current eighth grade students through current seniors in high school. It’s unlike any event your youth will experience in their young life. 

God has moved, is moving, and will continue to move in the lives of our youth. Let’s allow this event to be one that continues to shape their faith throughout their life! I know summers are busy with family vacations and sports. However, as a high school hockey player who traveled every weekend, I wish I could have taken one week to experience a National Youth Gathering and its powerful impact on my life.

If your high schooler can’t make this commitment this summer, their next opportunity would be to attend the next one in 2022. 

Please prayerfully consider registering your youth.