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Journey Series


Welcome to the JOURNEY SERIES!  Our hope is that by the time a youth turns 19 years old, he or she will have 5 biblically-solid, Christocentric  mentors that will walk with them through their emerging adulthood. Mentors will be approved by the student, his or her parent(s)/guardian(s) and myself. Here’s a deeper look on how this happens: 


Journey 1 - Baptism and First Communion

Acts 2:38 tells us, "Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit."

At Hope, students can go through a 1st Communion Class when they are in 5th grade. When the students has completed this, they shift into their next Journey.


Journey 2 - An Explanation of Martin Luther’s Small Catechism

In the fall, 7th graders, partnered with their 1st mentor or parent (the primary faith leader in their family; either mom or dad), walk through the 6 chief parts of the Lutheran faith, taught by Dr. Lizz Barton. When the student completes this year, they move into Journey 3.


Journey 3 - A Confirmation Experience 

In the fall, 8th graders, partnered with 2nd mentor or parent (if mom was the mentor in Journey 2, dad can be the mentor for Journey 3), walk through different teaching examples from the Bible, taught by the Jonathan, DCE. When they complete this year, they move into the 4th Series of Journey.


Journey 4 - Grace: For Those Who Think They Don’t Measure Up

A sophomore and their 3rd mentor will read the book, “Grace: For Those Who Think They Don’t Measure Up” together. The 3rd mentor will use the Leader’s Guide, found in the back of the book, to aid in the discussion. This is a 7-12 week commitment.


Journey 5 - Jesus is the Son of God - John 20:30-31

A senior and their 4th mentor will read the book of John together. This will be a 7-9 month commitment. This will be competed during his or her senior year. 


Journey 6 - “Engaging the disinterested to walk in the hope of Jesus.” 

We want our mission statement to come alive in everyone - including our youth. Our hope and prayer is that a 19 year old will take ahold of this mission. The 5th mentor will work with the Senior and be a mentor that will guide and help them engage their disinterested friends and fulfill our church’s mission. We will commission them to be self-directed and find ways to use all 5 of their mentors through out their emerging adulthood.

Journey 7 - The Life Long Approach
No matter how hard we try. We fail. It’s called sin. But that doesn’t mean we give up and give in to letting Satan lead our life. No, we stay connected to the vine. John 15:5. As Luther say, "we need to daily drown our old Adam.” We need to let go of our old-self and step into the new creation he has made in us. God makes us holy though out our life. It is a life-long approach that is fulfilled when we meet him face to face. 


The rational for giving Freshman and Juniors a break in the Series is for two reasons, (1) Freshman are in a time of transition and they are undergoing a lot of change and new experiences. (2) Our hope is that by the time they are sophomores, they will be able to take on something new. The reason we are giving Juniors a break, is for two reasons also, (1) Juniors tend to have a larger school load and (2) they are shifting their focus on searching for colleges. These issues could become a deterrent for pursuing the next step in Journey.


The purpose for developing and implanting the Journey Series is in response to data gathering though The Fuller Youth Institute. They discovered that youth ministry has always had a 5:1 ratio. One adult to five youth; however, research shows that if you want a young person to pursue their faith though out their life, the ratio needs to be changed. We are changing that ratio. Our goal is that every youth when they turn 19, will have 5 meaningful, background checked, parent approved mentors, who emulate faith for this emerging adult. 


Would you like to start this adventure? Just think about your 12 year old. In 7 years, they could have 5 mentors walking with them though every situation in college, when they are 25 years old, 30 years old and maybe even beyond. 


Maybe you have a 17 year old now… it’s never to late to start in the Series. Let’s begin a Journey plan for your family. Contact Jonathan on how your youth can get involved with the Journey Series.