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The Journey Series

Classes start in the fall.

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Journey Registration

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If you child hasn't been baptized, use today's date.

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Mother's Address (leave blank, if same)


Picture Consent*

I give my consent and allow my son/daughter to have his or her picture taken. I understand that his/her photo may be published on our website, PR or other types of marketing associated with Journey.

Student's Commitment *

By checking this box, I am making a commitment to my Journey instruction. I intend to fulfill my requirements and understand that if I do not I will be held responsible for repeating this class.

Parent/Guardian's Commitment*

By checking this box, I will walk with my child during his or her Journey instruction. I understand that I am the main spiritual teacher in my family and will help reinforce the what I student is taught.. I look forward to growing with my child in his or her faith.

Journey Fee*

Journey 2 fee includes two retreats, Concordia Self-study Bible, and the Journey Journal Notebook. Journey 3 fee includes two retreats and the Journey Journal Notebook. Journey 4 fee includes the book, "Grace: for those who think they don't measure up."