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Hope High School Youth

Hope High School

No matter what high school you go to, you have a place at Hope High!


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I sit down, One to One, with youth (Season 2, it's your parents!) and ask them 3 questions. (1) Who are you? (2) Who’s Jesus to you/How’s your faith? (3) What are you here to talk about? The final question is the most fun for me, as I haven idea what my guests are going to bring up. Check it out!

This is a Zoom or in-Person Meeting for me to get to know you as parents. Whether you are a new incoming parent or you are a seasoned HopeSeattleYM parent, these meetings are designed for me to learn how I can partner with you to help your student grow closer to Jesus, gain insights from you and work towards creating a welcoming environment for youth group. I look forward to connecting! If this is on your heart, reach out HERE.

Journey isn’t just confirmation it’s a strategy to help you continue to speak faith into your teenagers life. For high schoolers, we have 3 additional steps for Journey (a confirmation experience). It’s been confirmed through research that teens who have mentors (in addition to their parents) understand the world God has placed then in better, have a deeper commitment to Jesus, and continue to pursue their faith throughout their life. I want this for your family, but most importantly, I want this for every youth in West Seattle; but it starts with every family at Hope. High Schoolers are on some many different paths. If youth have mentors in their lives they have a trusted adult, beside you, they can rely on, have someone they can ask their questions, and someone who can help guide them. Check out Hope’s youth website for more info or email me and we can set up a plan.