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HOPE 365 Toolbox - Weekly Devotion - Sorrow and Love Flow Mingled Down

Weekly Devotion - Sorrow and Love Flow Mingled Down

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Sorrow and Love Flow Mingled Down

By Julie Hill, Living Water International

There is a beautiful line in a song that many of you will know, “The Wonderful Cross” (Chris Tomlin) that goes:
See from His head, His hands, His feet, Sorrow and love flow mingled down
We have all been witness to tremendous sorrow this past year and a half. Month by month, wave by wave, death count by death count. Suffering beyond imagining, something that our Jesus also knew and endured.
This has been all too real for our Living Water International global family, as we’ve faced the same pandemic affecting our 18 countries in unique and terrible ways, threatening the already very vulnerable populations we work so hard to serve and care for.
And yet…. The gift of having operations in all 18 countries has meant that we were right there to respond with compassion and provide relief wherever possible. Through God’s power and provision, in addition to our water access programming, we have been able to: provide ambulance services, provide oxygen concentrators and cylinders, widely distribute PPE, distribute food and supplies, construct hand washing stations at every water point, host COVID awareness sessions at local churches as well as over radio during lock-downs…and more.

And so this year, we have seen this sorrow and love flow mingled down like never before. I hope to never relive it, and yet…it is in Christ alone that we are able to serve one another, with hearts of love and sorrow. And it’s in our lament AND joy that we faithfully represent Him here at home and around the world.
The community at Hope has been a huge part of this and I’m honored to share in more detail at the school for both chapel services THIS Wednesday, November 17 and this coming Sunday, November 21, both services for our annual presentation in preparation for Advent. I’ll have pictures and stories of what God has done, through sorrow and love this year for Living Water. And a part of that will be sharing the NEW well for Rwanda that you have completed this past year through your Advent giving in 2020; so I hope you will join us this Sunday!
To close, a song I have had on repeat in my house and in my ears through this past year! This version especially, Davy Flowers really knocks it out of the park.
Make way through the waters
Walk me through the fire
Do what you are famous for
Famous for

See you Sunday, friends!