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HOPE 365 Toolbox - Weekly Devotion - Journey: A Confirmation Experience

Weekly Devotion - Journey: A Confirmation Experience

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Journey: A Confirmation Experience

By Jonathan Kopecky, Youth Minister

Journey: A Confirmation Experience has taken the next step - we’ve introduced Journey Pods! Pods is all about creating a space where youth and parents can talk about real issues in their life and how these conversations can impact the next 5+ years until they graduate high school. 

The first class is called “Honor Me” where families dig into what it looks like to partner with each other these next 5+ years. Pods2 is called “Letting Go to Hold On.” In this time together families walk through the ways in which the family unit relies more on each other rather than God. We will talk about learning to let go and re-learning that children are a gift on loan from God and how that can lead to lasting friendships in your family. The final two classes focus on creating and building unity in the family based around “Worship Together.” 

During our second class, the class had a “fish bowl” experience: people on the inside answer questions while the ones on the outside listen and can’t respond. In this exercise the parents went first, answering questions as if their youth weren’t listening, and then the students moved to the inner ring and responded to questions as if their parent wasn’t present. Afterwards parents prayed with their child. Below are a few photos captured during that time.

Keep praying for our youth and families that the Holy Spirit would ignite a strong bond within their families and strengthen their relationships these next 5+ years and that would carry on for a lifetime.