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HOPE 365 Toolbox - Weekly Devotion - Di Grev Emti (Happy Resurrection Sunday!)

Weekly Devotion - Di Grev Emti (Happy Resurrection Sunday!)

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“Di Grev Emti”
(Happy Resurrection Sunday!)

By Erin W.

One of the bibles I own is in the Krio Language of Sierra Leone. This West African language is a fun mix of English and Portuguese; it’s a little like the Creole of the South.  Over Easter weekend I picked up my Krio bible to read the narrative of the resurrection. I must have needed a challenge. The process of translating the words brought new life to the story for me.

“Di Grav Emti!” Lyuk 24 is titled (The Grave is Empty!)! The chapter goes on to tell the story: “Ali Sonde monin” (early Sunday morning) “di uman” (the women) went to the grave and found it empty. They were reminded by angels in “brayt brayt klos” that Jizoz had said “I don raz from di grev.” Later in the account the women told the disciples what they had seen, but “dem no biliv” (they didn’t believe) the “nonsens di umen tok” (the nonsense the women said). But “Pita (Peter) ron & luk insay di grav (ran & looked inside the grave). “I si de klos, but no si Jizoz bodi.” (He saw the clothes but didn’t see Jesus’s body). Read that again. Peter saw the burial clothes, but Jesus’s body was gone! The grave was empty! Really empty.

This Easter, something about struggling through translating this little passage into my own English brought me to a humble place of re-discovering this remarkable story. I believe this story is true. I believe these women, Peter, & the first century witnesses -- in part because their lives were so radically changed.  I believe that Jizoz, came alive in bodily form, left his grave linens behind, was announced by angels (yet again), and on that weekend fully erased the sins of those who trust Him. It’s not a common set of beliefs among those I know, but it’s a truth that has the power to change the course of my life. I am amazed. Di grev emti. It’s Gud Nyus.