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HOPE 365 Toolbox - New Sermon Series: Suffering and Hope

New Sermon Series: Suffering and Hope

Posted by Peter Mueller on

During the Season of Lent Join us for a new sermon series entitled:

"Suffering and Hope" 

Based on Jesus' walk to the cross and various Psalms.

Each week a video testimony will be shared where we will be encouraged by one of our own shares their journey through suffering empowered by the Hope of Jesus.

March 3- Suffering & Hope: Meltdown - Angry Frustration

March 10- Suffering & Hope: Running while You’re Crawling

March 17- Suffering & Hope: Pressing On

March 24- Suffering & Hope: Long Road - How Many More Miles?

March 31- Suffering & Hope: In the Pit Again - Lift Me Up!

April 7- Suffering & Hope: Jesus: Even When the Sky is Dark

April 14- Palm Sunday/Confirmation at 10:30 service