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HOPE 365 Toolbox - Hope 365 - What is it?

Hope 365 - What is it?

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In January 2015, Hope's Vision Pathway Team complete a ten month strategic planning process.  Part of that plan is our new mission statement "engaging the disinterested to walk in the Hope of Jesus." This is our compass that orients the direction of everything we do as a ministry.  The word "engaging" is very different than the idea of bringing or sharing or speaking - those things can be done in a one-way kind of interaction without any kind of response. Engaging, however, requires starting conversations that disinterested people actually want to be a part of (instead of running away from). The bar of accountability is much higher with the word "engaging" - it holds us accountable to interact with people in such a way that they engage with the conversation about things of faith.  Of course, as Christians, our prayer is that disinterested people will one day walk in faith in Jesus - "walk in the Hope of Jesus" is our "Hope" way of describing a faith relationship with Him. 

"Hope 365" is our major goal for 2015-16: that by Fall 2016, a majority of of Hope people would be reflecting daily (365 days a year) on what God is calling them to engage the disinterested and go deeper in walking in the Hope of Jesus. Another way we put it is this: our dream is that Hope would become as excited and passionate about our mission as we are about the Seahawks! 

Whether you're reading this on our website or in our mobile app, this is a place where new content will be posted regularly to help you pursue that daily Hope 365 reflection. Check back here soon!