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Vision Proper

10.26.15 | Vision Frame

    VISION PROPER - Where is God calling us?

    Qualitative—Mountaintop  (What will it look like when we get there?)

    Hope 365

    We are “12’s” during football season. We are HOPE 365. We are...

    • West Seattle’s mission outpost... everywhere we go.
    • West Seattle’s center for intellectual engagement of faith and life.
    • West Seattle’s refuge where hurting people are loved and healed.
    • West Seattle’s real deal and compelling picture of Christianity.

    As a result of this 365 reality, we dream of the day when 50% or more of HOPE members have come to faith at HOPE!

    Quantitative - Milestones  (next mountains to take)

    • Purchase, renovate, and increase usage of former Seattle Lutheran building by June 2023 for Hope church and school ministry expansion by Fall 2024.
    • Create a series of "Connections" events to invite people back to in-person events and to build and re-build friendships with others at Hope. 
    • Re-build and expand our shareHOPE and Human Care ministries for the post-pandemic environment.
    • Create a system to inspire, recruit, and deploy an increasing number of volunteers to serve in various Hope ministries.