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Life change happens better in circles than rows

Since the first disciples of Jesus, Christians have found it helpful and often essential to regularly meet together with other followers of Jesus in a small group to study God's Word, pray, and speak words of challenge and encouragement into each other’s lives. Indeed, some of the most profound spiritual growth often occurs in such a context. Additionally, there is great joy in regularly experiencing a reminder that no matter what is going on in your life and faith, you are not alone. God is a being of internal community (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), and we are made in His likeness, in His “image” - we are therefore designed for community - with Him and with each other. 

linkHOPE groups are small groups of about 6-12 people who gather regularly for the purposes mentioned above.  Many of these groups meet in homes, and others meet in restaurants or the Hope campus. The purpose of each is the same: to bring great Hope, strength, and growth in your faith as you LINK with other followers of Jesus in community. Currently active groups can be identified below. If you would like to start a new group, click here to contact Patra Mueller and she will discuss next steps with you and direct you to some simple but effective training. Life is too short and too tough to go through it alone; God wants to give you a great gift through linking with others in community - sign up today!