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Advent Conspiracy

Advent Conspiracy

Sunday, November 29, 2020 - Thursday, December 31, 2020

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For the past nine years every Advent we have experienced "Advent Conspiracy" together as a congregation.  This is a movement that challenges people to really think about the true meaning of Christmas.  For the four weeks leading up to Christmas during the season of Advent, we will look at the true meaning of Christmas as we prepare for the coming of baby Jesus! 

We will be challenged to buy less material things so we can give more to people who really need it, like people all over the world who don't have clean water.  Living Water International is the ministry we have partnered with to build wells all over the world so people can have access to clean water!  To hear all about the well we will be funding in 2020, join us for Living Water Sunday, on Sunday, November 22.  To donate to our Living Water 2020 Project, click HERE.

To sign up for a small group and access weekly videos click HERE.

To learn more about and Advent Conspiracy and access resources for the whole, click HERE.

Let's BUT LESS this Christmas so we can GIVE MORE!!