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Houston Relief


    Hurricane Harvey Relief

    Hurricane Harvey Relief

    Vast swaths of Houston and other much smaller towns in Texas and beyond have just been flooded with several feet of water as a result of Hurricane Harvey. Meteorologists have said this is a once in 500 years weather event. FEMA says they will be there for years rebuilding, relocating, and restoring people, homes, and whole communities. 

    While the devastation is shocking, many of you are wondering what we can do to help. Certainly, some of you will already have donated to various relief agencies by the time you read this. If not, we would invite you to consider bringing help and hope in one or more of three ways:

    1) PRAY - for hope and God’s presence for the people who have lost everything and those who will try to help meet their needs,

    2) GIVE FINANCIALLY - while there are many worthy organizations to support, Hope recommends the Texas District of our denomination of churches, the LC-MS. They are already on the ground and in the water connecting with our sister churches and schools and their people. You can give online at 

    3) CONSIDER GOING to SERVE - while officials have said that it is still too dangerous for outside groups to come in to volunteer, sooner than later there will be much, much work to do to support the thousands and thousands whose homes and lives have been damaged and changed forever. As the specific needs become clear, more information will be posted here about opportunities you might want consider for being a part of a Hope Team of volunteers to go to Texas and other storm-affected areas. There will be houses to gut and restore, debris to be cleaned up, and people to be encouraged. 

    Thanks for your support for those who are hurting and bringing the Hope of Jesus!