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    Vision Proper

    10.26.15 | Vision Frame

    VISION PROPER - Where is God calling us? Qualitative—Mountaintop  (What will it look like when we get there?) Hope 365 We are “12’s” during football season. We are HOPE 365. We are... West Seattle’s...


      10.26.15 | Vision Frame | by Hope Lutheran

      Mission - WHAT are we doing? Hope's Mission is Engaging the disinterested to walk in the HOPE of Jesus!   Demographic studies indicate that 46-50 % of the people living in our area self-describe themselves as having little or no involvement...

        Traditional Choir

        10.26.15 | by Hope Lutheran

        Do you love to sing? The Hope Choir may be a place for you to share hope! Read more below for more details and how you can be involved.


          10.26.15 | Vision Frame | by Hope Lutheran

          VALUES - WHY are we doing our mission? We are motivated by... Awakening Community With relentless grace, we love people in all walks of life and devote ourselves to nurturing authentic relationships. (Phil. 2:15; Acts 2:42; 1 John 1:3; 1...


            10.26.15 | Vision Frame, Adults

            STRATEGY - HOW do people develop an engaging lifestyle? At Hope, you are encouraged to be regularly involved in one or more of the four areas described below. We believe that when a person regularly participates in each of these four ways to grow...